3 dimensions!!!


I want to build 3d models and export them to cdraw 18. do I need designer (part of technical suite?) or CAD? hoping someone can throw me a bone here



  • Not an answer to your question, but I was under the impression that CorelDraw offered some 3D extruding/building ability, but I could never figure out how to do it...and I'd love to know what you can do in Draw (rather than rely on a different CAD software)

    Any CAD software can be used for 3D design and then you can export to a file type which can be opened with Corel. Corel can handle most types of files anyway.

    The problem is the 3D model parts need to be "unfolded" to 2D elements that you can work with in Corel.

    I design paper scale models, so I understand this. However I don't work with any 3D software.  I work strictly in CorelDraw18.

    Pepakura Designer is one of the most basic 3D design softwares that can unfold models. Other 3D software will require an 'unfold' plug-in. 

    Sketchup is the most basic 3D modeling software, with something like Rhino being the ultimate favorite.
    Exports from these software can be inputted into Pepakura for unfolded design, if you don't want to use unfold plug-ins.

    Pepkura files will not work in any other program, so PDO(Pepakura) files must be converted to PDF which can be imported into Corel for editing and repainting.


    Shameful self-promotion now!:
    this is the type of stuff I design in my head, and with CorelDraw/Paint: