Mirror along a particular line? Does it exist? Or best practices to do this?

I work with several software packages (AutoCAD/Rhino/Sketchup/Blender) that all have "Mirror along line" capabilities or use plugins that do. I live by it.

Though I haven't been using Corel as much as I used to, I'm currently back using it. (2018)  I seem to remember at some point I had a script or plugin that gave me mirror on line capabilities. Perhaps CADTools 5? Or maybe it was a how to video. Any suggestions?

  • Can you provide a sample? Not sure what you mean.

  • can use the Mirror Horizontally or Mirror Vertically tool. (search Help Menu)  then rotate if other than mirror axis horizontal or vertical.

  • I skipped v2018, but I think the new Symmetry feature may be what you're looking for?

  • I have a macro that can "mirror" selected content - either mirror the actual content, or duplicate the content and then mirror the duplicate just created. My macro does the mirroring using whatever mirror line the user defines; not limited to horizontal / vertical. The mirror line is persistent until you change it or destroy it, so you can keep using it to mirror additional content.

    These are one-shot operations; not a dynamic "Keep updating the mirrored content whenever the original content changes". For that sort of thing, look to the native Symmetry capabilities of CorelDRAW 2018.

    My macro does some other stuff, too: moving selected objects a specified distance in a specified direction (specified by the same shape that serves as the mirror line).

  • There is this freebie one that still works in CD2018: http://www.corelvba.com/index.php?pages=mirror_1

    There is also a Mirror feature in their CadTools5, but I believe it works the same. Can't check -- got a new computer and cannot justify the cost yet.