Undo permanent change to rectangle

I accidentally permanently changed my rectangle fill to fountain fill.  The system tried to warn me but I didn't comprehend the warning. Now, whenever I draw a rectangle it has a fountain fill. Can someone tell me how to get it back to the original settings?  

  • When a new object is created in a document, the properties depend on the Default Object Properties - in that particular document - for that particular type of object. The Default Object Properties are styles, and they can be viewed (and changed) in the Object Styles docker. In this screenshot, we are looking at the Outline properties for new Graphic objects:

    If the Default Object Properties are changed, then they will apply to new objects created in that document.

    The Default Object Properties for a particular type of object can be set as the default for new documents by right-clicking on the name of the style, then clicking, "Set as New Document Default":

    That example is for Outline properties, but Fill properties work the same way.

    That's not the only way to set new object defaults, but it is a way to do it selectively - only changing the new document defaults for that particular type of object.

    Because these are styles, they can be imported into / exported from a document. So, it is easy to load a specific set of preferred Default Object Properties into an existing document.

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