moving/aligning objects (with 2 layers)


I need to print something on these aluminum panels.
I made a jig so that I just have to put the aluminum parts to these cutouts in the jig.

What's the best way to move the objects to the right position?

The problem is.. there are two layers in the layout.
One layer is the printing. the other layer as the holes and the outside contour of the aluminum part.
BUT.. the printing is bigger and not centered to the layer with the cutouts.
So I can't select both (the printing layer and the layer with the holes) and use the automatic alignment function. (as only the printing layer will be aligned... but I need to have the layers with the holes to be aligned)

Is there a way to lock two layers together so that I can move one layer when only one layer is visible... but the non-visible layer will also be moved?

  • If I correctly understand what you wish to do, I think that my Match Vectors macro might be useful for this.

    That can move, rotate, and scale selected objects (or duplicates of those objects) using two-node lines to define the transformation.

    Here is a short video that shows how a set of those two-node lines (I call them "vectors" in the macro) can be used to define multiple duplication/transformation operations: