How do you move objects and individual nodes in smaller increments?

We are having an incredibly difficult time precisely re-sizing and positioning objects on a simple floor plan. The floor plan real-world scale is set to 1/16” = 1 Foot and the ruler units are set to feet. The drawing itself is about 215 feet by 180 feet in real-world units and drawn on a sheet 22” wide by 17” high.

We have the nudge set to 1 unit (1 foot), the super nudge to 24 units (2 feet), and the micro nudge to 16 (1/16th of an inch). Our assumption is that the decimal increment (.005) for super and micro nudge settings, calculated by the software, represents the base unit of one inch after factoring in the real-world scaling. So, unless we have missed something, our micro nudge should be moving our objects or nodes in 1/16th inch increments when using the arrow keys with the CTRL constraint.

The standard nudge moves objects in 1 foot increments as expected. The super-nudge also works as expected by moving in 2-foot increments. Unfortunately, the micro-nudge does not move in 1/16-inch increments as expected. The best the micro-nudge will do is a 6-inch movement or 1/2 of the standard nudge of 1 foot. The micro-nudge will even accept higher divisions, up to 100, but it does nothing to change the increment moved.

We wonder whether or not we are hitting some decimal precision limitation or some other barrier. The interesting thing is that we can use the node coordinates to move these nodes in the smaller desired increments. The program provides no warnings or errors indicating it cannot accept the user settings we have provided.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? Pretty simply put, we want to move objects or individual nodes in the smallest possible increments for both repositioning and resizing. Thank you for any assistance.