Side Tools - sorting after annoying Corel updates?

Once again, Corel has updated my software and made serious changes without me knowing (or agreeing to it)
and all these changes have me annoyed as hell!

My colour palette is gone...from a double palette, with an additional custom palette attached, to the default single row palette.

I managed to get that fixed, along with a few other things, but its taken me forever to get things the way I like
...and then you make changes without my understanding.
I get that some software updates might mess with certain settings, but this is unfair.

I see the left side tool bar has changed...and I don't know how to change it back!

There are a few new tool icons there...things that I don't use regularly (so i don't need them there)
...and it has completely disrupted my work flow because things that I am used to are not in the same places any more!!!

How can I remove tool icons? or move them down to the bottom of the list (out of the way)?

Also, I don't use the bezier tool...I use the Freehand tool every day, all day. And Bezier tool is the default...everytime I go for my freehand draw tool, I have to click off the Bezier tool to find it.

Why have you changed this Corel?...without asking me?
How do I make the Freehand tool the default?


  • WOW! You are absolutely right!!!!!!!!!

    I looked at Customizations...and the Workspace options are there, but only available if you are linking/switching between tablet and PC modes. I am not.

    But then I looked at Options.   and under Workspace I am checked at Illustration.  (I've never been in here before!)

    Sure enough, if I check Default (as the Workspace) it goes back to what I am used to, with all my personal settings! WOOHOO!

    So...thats the solution. Not Corel updates/changes (I apologize)...thanks Eskimo, for pointing me there.

    But it would appear to be just another annoying glitch (one of thousands) in Corel 2018.  Every day, another glitch appears, another change happens, another failure occurs...its extremely frustrating. For the last two weeks my software has decided to just close at any moment, without any warning! LOL

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