Uninstalling Microsoft Office broke my CorelDraw installation


I uninstalled Microsoft Office as my license has run out and I am not wanting to continue with that.

The process broke my CorelDraw installation. I am getting an error message:

VBE6EXT.OLB could not be loaded

(header: Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications)

I went to repair the installation of CorelDraw and I did so twice with rebooting in between.

It did not cure this problem.

What can I do?

I googled and got an answer that I could copy something from the installation files. Sadly I can't locate the CorelDraw Graphic suite 2018 install files on my hard disk drives so I went to re-download it, I logged on to my account and went in my old order I bought 2018 with, but the link said it was expired. I could not find any other links to download it.

Please do not tell me to upgrade, I cannot afford it.

Thank you!