When expanding the size of my text it defaults back to 3000 pt. Any ideas?


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  • There used to be a 3,000 pt limit, but it was removed some versions ago.

    Some parts of CorelDRAW enforce a 3000 pt limit for font size.

    The font size box (e.g., in the Property bar, or in the Text toolbar) DOES allow one to directly set font sizes larger than 3000 points. If that is done, though, the font size will not be displayed correctly in the Properties docker or the Text docker (which do not allow larger than 3000 points).

    I don't think that scaling can be used to increase the font size to greater than 3000 pt.

    If I try to scale an Artistic text shape, then a 3000 pt font size limit is enforced.

    It's kind of a mess.

    My experience is limited to the Windows version.