Different design in enhanced and wireframe view

Hello everyone,

I'm facing an issue which I'm trying to solve for days now, hopefully there's someone here who can be of help.

I have done an outline trace on an image, it's an all black and white design. After outline tracing I need to add some new lines and remove existing geometry / lines. Before doing this, in the wireframe view and enhanced view everything looks fine and the same in both views. See images below.

After removing the ellips feature, it still looks ok in the wireframe view. In the enhanced view something strange happens, see snap shot.
The ellips was removed, but an extra white area  appeared.

After finishing my files in CorelDraw I'm exporting to dxf to open files in Lightburn (for laser cutting). Because of the extra areas that are only visible in enhanced view my dxf's get extra lines. See snap shot, the yellow line is not supposed to be there. Does anyone now how to overcome this issue? Thanks in advance for any help!



Wireframe view versus enhanced view before removing geometry - look ok and the same.

Wireframe view vs enhanced view, after removing ellips. The ellips is removed, Coreldraw leaves an extra area in the enhanced view: 

Example of extra line (yellow) in dxf:

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