What happened to Connect?

It doesn't seem to connect to the Corel servers any more - just OneDrive and Flickr. Corel 2018 still connects to Corel but the icon in 2019 to use Connect opens the 2018 version, and the "connect" tools in 2019's WIndows/Dockers panel doesn't have the Corel server listed.

  • That's another thing I posted recently - while there is some content in the Get More section, MOST OF IT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR. The few free offerings are WAY less than what we used to get. And the thing is, it's still available for earlier versions; we use just X7 at work and CONNECT there shows a TON of fonts and fills that are not available in Connect 2017/2018 and even less is available for download in the Get More/Connect 2019 docker. 

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