Objects are not available for all the pages when it is outside of the page

Any object which is outside of the page is visible and available for all the pages which was the common behavior till the CorelDraw 2018, but not in the CorelDraw 2019, to make it possible we have to drag the object in the object docker to the desktop section at the bottom, in this case, the productivity gets lost, Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

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  • I personally prefer to have "Keep Desktop Objects on Layer" enabled, because I don't want objects to jump uncontrolled between layers.
    There is also a risk when working with multiple pages with different size, that objects may jump in x or y direction so they don't end up inside the drawing area after switching to another page.
    So for me, they should stay where they are until I move them manually.

    But there is an easy way to move them to the Desktop even with this setting enabled: A macro.

    The following very simple code moves selected object(s) to the Desktop layer, and it can preferably be executed via a shortcut key or a button in a toolbar.
    Select object, execute. Done.

    Sub Move_to_Desktop_layer()

    Dim OrigSelection As ShapeRange
    Set OrigSelection = ActiveSelectionRange
    OrigSelection.MoveToLayer ActivePage.DesktopLayer
    End Sub

    Give it a try.

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