Problem with exporting images (JPEG) in CorelDraw 2019

Hello everyone,

our company just have upraged from Corel X7 to CorelDraw 2019 and got this problem. When I want to export something from the page to JPEG (or even PNG etc), it takes so much time, that waiting is horrible. It takes about 5 minutes, the whole system freeze and nothing happened. Then, everything goes back to normal, I can see the preview in my preview window and finally can press OK to export it. And even then, after export, my PC is so slow, everything takes a is like my computer get slapped. After a while everything is OK again, the file is exported, but this is so problematic. Imagine, I have to export several files and I have to wait about 5-7 minutes for export just one file.

Interesting thing is, when I want to import some JPEG or something, everything is OK and smooth. But when I import some scanned file, again it is too much for the system.

We had X5, we had X7 and never had one of these problems. Just started with this 2019 Corel. Do you have any experiences with this or any idea, how to fix it? Thank you so much!

My PC system: Windows Pro, 6GB RAM, CPU Intel Xeon   W3530 2.80 Ghz.

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