New system for CorelDRAW

I always see questions about what systems to buy or build for CorelDRAW, as I am now getting a new system I thought I'd share the system specifications.

First I always build I never buy brand name systems.  I had a chance to work with the new Asus displays and I did not have the calibration issues that was shown on the Karl Taylor web site and I thought $1,549 was a reasonable price.

I9-9900 8 core

Asus MB

1TB Samsung SSD

4 TB WD hard drive for storage

64 GB 3200MH DDR4 RAM

Nvidia GeForce 1060 6GB display card

media reader

24X +/- DVD

750 watt Power Supply

10/100/1,000 Ethernet

Windows 10 Pro.  

The display will be the Asus 32” ProArt. PA32UC

$2,499 + $1,549 total $4,048