Having Trouble Saving Some Files Lately: "Tray saving the file to another location or another file name"

Ive gotten this prompt a few times while saving files today and yesterday. Whats causing this? 

  • So I tried saving in a new location and just replacing the the old file with the new one and it said I need admin permission to do so. I've never had issues with taking any admin permission before. (I think the user is just an admin user that's why? I'm not an expert in this area). But it wouldn't let me do this. I then couldn't delete the old file because it was open already even though it wasn't. In task manager it showed CorelDraw and then the file name under processes.

    I've had weird/ inconsistent performance with Corel 2019 since I installed it about a month ago in comparison to X8 which I've used from 2016-2022. Is this a thing with Corel 2019? Windows 10? Do I need to do a repair install or something? Or is it just kinda slower and less efficient than the older corel version?

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