I'm Having Issues With Copying/ Duplicating Arched Text (Text on a Curve)

I will often use the feature when selecting and moving objects to right click to create a duplicate of the graphics I'm working with. I've done this before and I've even done this before with essentially the exact same design a week prior to now. But, today it's been acting weird. The duplicate will seem to act as if the arched text is supposed to be where it was duplicated from. Most of the time it will visually appear in the new position but it will sometimes jump back to where it was duplicated from. When I duplicate the page it does that and if I export a flattened image of it and also will export as if its in a different position unlike how it appears to me. 

Here's a few images to try to illustrate this issue: https://imgur.com/a/t7aOiHD

1: You can see here when I select just the text and the curve its on the little white dots appear simultaneously in the place it was duplicated from (the red and gold version.

2: You can see here when I export it as a flattened image the text has basically jumped over to the previous position from which it was duplicated from. And you can tell its not just invisible because the H in FISH is overlapping the bone fish.

With enough moving and manipulating of the graphic the text will just jump back visually for me just like the export. converting the text to curves also moves it and when I undo it never visually goes back to where I was seeing it but it does appear as if it was exported or the page was duplicated. This has happened with basically ever duplicate copy on this page outside of the top row but the issue has gone away with all but this last one.

I have no idea what's going on here or how to avoid or stop it. usually with stuff like this I'll just convert to curves, but this one is just snapping away to a different position. the text also has a powerclip if that's relevant. Ive also closed and opened the corel as well as restarted the computer. something seems to be up with this particular text or this particular file.