CDR File Wont Open. Why?

So I was in the middle of making a design and it was running slow, but that's to be expected with all the nodes and effects I was using with my set up. I was making a few changes as it was mostly done and then all of my Gaussian blur effects disappeared. I started to redo the effects thinking it was just a little glitch but it happened again and then I noticed that the Ggaussian blur effects were still there but it had copied the original object without the blur effect. But all of the gaussian blur effects were extremely difficult to interact with. They are very difficult to select to delete or move around. 

I decided after a bunch of back and forth for like a half hour that I would just restart the program and reopen it to see it that would help with this issue. But now the file wont open. It doesnt say the file is corrupted but it's stuck with the processing bar fully green at the bottom of the UI and its not opening the file. The Back Up File acts in the same way and opening the file after a restart on two different computers and has the same results.

What's going on here? Do I have to start from scratch?