Need help with white spot channel .

White spot  channel issues.

Hi folks , I've been trying to sort this issue for the last two days , I'm new to UV printing but have designed both laser and CNC files using Corel draw . My problem is spot channels or a white spot channel to be more precise ,I've been trying to create a white spot channel for filling outlines for pre printing , with poor results . I've watched you tube videos and they are for older or newer versions of mine , as the view when following instructions doesn't correspond with what I see in my screen . On the few occasions it's came out white on the printer it's did exactly the opposite of what I've asked it to do and printed everything white expect the outline I request , what's more confusing is that the page has no background but the printer prints it white . I open a page set at 100x100mm I put a border around the page , import an image , outline trace and set a boundary around the trace and fill with spot colour , even if I draw a basic shape and fill , I send to the printer it prints the 100x100 page white and leaves the shape unprinted. What am I doing wrong ? Any help would be appreciated