CorelDraw 2020 Trial Issues

Hi Everyone,

 I'm a trial user of CorelDRAW 2020, using the Mac version. CorelDraw has passed several of the "tests" I had set it for my trial period, but I discovered several disconcerting bugs that are causing doubt about purchasing the program in future. I was hoping to get some sort of clarity or hint that these bugs exist only in the trial version, due its code-base being old or something. Of course, they might not be bugs but my unfamiliarity with the program, so I'm looking for some guidance here.

* No Workspace entry on the Welcome Screen, and no way to access modifying Keyboard shortcuts, workspace settings, etc. within the program.

* No Customize Toolbox "+" icon on the toolbox, so no way to move tools around and pull tools out of their "sub-layers". The Top toolbar and its customization works fine.

* It doesn't appear to be possible to de-dock and move the Inspector panels - is this available as part of the Workspace editing section that I can't access?

Thanks for your time,