DXF Polylines

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Can anyone help me with exporting DXF to a CNC router with smooth lines/curves? I am having a hard time finding a good solution. I know I need a polyline tool of sorts.


  • I'm not a big fan of the DXF export filter in CorelDRAW. The exported files tend to open in other target applications with unpredictable results. The DXF export filter dialog box doesn't give a lot of control over how the artwork will be exported. I've seen other DXF export filters provide a choice between polylines or lines and arcs. The CorelDRAW DXF export filter doesn't provide a choice (I'm guessing it uses polylines). The export dialog box does give a choice for exporting in a bunch of different versions of AutoCAD.

    Are these DXF files being sent directly to the routing table? Or are the DXF files just being used as an interchange format to bring artwork into a routing table application such as EnRoute? Our routing tables are usually fed G-Code files generated by EnRoute. If we import DXF files into EnRoute they're usually DXF files that were generated by Flexi. We usually export artwork in EPS format from CorelDRAW or Illustrator.

  • I just created a bézier curve, exported it to DXF and opened it again in CorelDRAW 2020. The result was still a bézier curve.
    Is your intention rather to export an existing polyline as a curve? If that is the case, that needs a conversion first.

  • I need a sample DXF code, as clean as possible, to fill with coordinates to draw 3D polylines. I've been able to do this with simple lines, but I'm struggling to do this with 3D polylines. I've tried it a few times, but it did not work. I do not work in the field and I need this to complete a scientific research. The idea is to generate a drawing from GPS coordinates. Can someone help me?
  • What software you use for designing for your router., I used to have the same problem, if you save your designs in plt, dfx , dwg etc formats,when you open the files in cnc software you gets lots of nodes and each segment is becomes asmall piece of line and the final output is not smooth. A simple way to overcome this is to save your design as PDF and import the pdf file in the cnc router software,The result is a phenomenal  improvement with very few nodes and smooth cut. I use this trick with Aspire.

  • Thanks guys, for your responses. I am designing in Corel Draw 2020 and now I have Enroute to help. I was exporting to DXF from Corel and in the router software, Biesse Works, curved lines turned into a bunch of small straight lines.

    I really wanted to export direct from Corel to Biesse but it looks like a third software, Enroute, is what I need in between. Export from Corel as EPS, open in Enroute, check file, export to DXF, open in Biesse works.

    I am still working on a solution that will work better but I may have to start more designs in Enroute.

    I wish Corel would address this issue and provide better DXF filters/setting control