Macro Recording Issue

I want to record a macro to conver a .jpg image into vector image. After start recording the macro I click on Bitmaps then outline trace, after that line art. Then I make some small adjustments. When I am done with this I simply go to tools and stop tha macro. But when I apply this macro in another image, it's not working. I click on edit option of the macro and see that the macro is not recorded. Plz help to resolve this issue. I badly needed a solution. 

Thank you.

  • Recording isn't always available for all functions. You'll have to find code that gets you in the ballpark and tweak it from there.

    Sub TraceAllBitmaps()
        Dim bmp As Shape
        Dim trace As TraceSettings
        For Each bmp In ActivePage.FindShapes(, cdrBitmapShape)
            Set trace = bmp.Bitmap.trace(cdrTraceClipart, RemoveBackground:=False)
        Next bmp
    End Sub