A Disappointing End to my Corel pleasure.

I have been a supporter of Corel since the early 1990's and have paid for upgrades from CorelDraw 3 right up to X7 but alas, all good things come to an end. I am now a disabled pensioer on a very restricted income, so upgrading again is likely to be out of the question. Now I find all the online fills and frills that were available with Corel Draw X7 have expired, leeaving just the basics behind. The only way I can access these is to upgrade ... and the annual cost of the upgrade is way beyond my income level.

I also use Painter but again, can't afford any more upgrades.

So my question is this... Is there a free website wehere I can find texture fills and the other things that once had me addicted to Corel Draw, or should I just abandon Corel and find something that comes complete and never expires.

Recommendations please.