Corel's Customer Services Sucks. Really, Really Badly

I've been asking for a tutorial on design wrapping/displacement maps. Specifically for folds in tshirts in product mockups. I've explained it thoroughly but it's like all I get is some really basic tutorial that might be useful to a first year design student. It's like they search for a word without actually reding what I wrote. I got sent to one about making car wraps too. I've been using Draw since the nineties. I've made these things for real. This isn't helpful. It's insulting. 

  • Well, it's almost the same to develop a mockup for t-shirt than a car, you should create a mockup using powerclip, an image with transparency on Multiply mode or similar, etc. Then you don't need to use wrapping nor displacement maps (Envelope tool is enough) but if you want to create something special, the answer is to use Mesh Fill inside the powerclip

  • some ideas

    Or... instead you maybe you want realistic mock-ups based on shirt geometry (possibly even animated)?