i thought they had improved the trace feature?

i downloaded the subscription to 22/23  corel graphics suite (doesn't look much different than my X8) i thought the trace feature had been improved....looks and performs the same as my X8?

  • The new trace engine is virtually unusable now compared to earlier versions, though.  It's several orders of magnitude slower and doesn't render any better results than previous versions. 

    Case in point:

    I had a relatively easy and simple file to trace.  I started the trace in 2022 and it was taking forever, so I opened CorelDRAW 2019 loaded the file, traced it, exported the results and closed 2019...and the 2022 trace of the exact same file still had 10 mins remaining according to the countdown.  I kid you not.  SAME EXACT file and it took a tiny fraction of the time...and that includes starting an older version and exporting it. 

    I ask you this:  Exactly what was the supposed "upgrade" when older versions were faster and gave precisely the same bloody result?  Corel upgraded NOTHING.  The new trace engine is a DOWNGRADE if anything.  It absolutely sucks and I don't bother using it anymore.  I keep 2019 around and use that instead for traces because otherwise I would be waiting around for 20 minutes ten times a day.  :FACEPALM:

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