Effects applied to text sometimes work, sometimes disappear

I am putting together a catalog cover. The text style is bold and beveled, with a heavy outline. I have applied the desired adjustments, drop shadow (for the outline), and used "The Boss" effect to get the correct look for one piece of text (I'll refer to it as "Text A"). I needed another piece of text ("Text B"), same sized, with the same look. First, I duplicated the "Text A" layer, then typed in "Text B". After changing the text, the "Text B" layer no longer had the adjustments or "Boss" effect I'd applied to "Text A", only the drop shadow was preserved. So now I have to reapply the "Boss" effect and readjust the brightness/contrast. This could get tedious…

Is there a way to duplicate a text layer and keep its "look" after changing the text, or is this just the way it works?

(The good news is I'll save the finished text as a CPT so I don't have to build it all from scratch every year.)