VBA workaround for Coreldraw layer disable bug (DXF)

Based on feedback from quite a few other Coreldraw users I believe I've confirmed the existence of a DXF export bug in v2017 (as well as X7 and X8).

This bug only seems to happen with DXF export and disabling layers. The object on the layer which has export disabled, still exports.

Is it possible to get around this problem with a VBA macro ?


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  • If it makes things simple, for exporting I can simply unlock everything, and make everything visible before exporting.

    If it's practical to do that, then you might be able to do what you want even without a macro.

    Instead of making layers non-printable to exclude them from export, you could either lock them or make them non-visible. Then, use "select all" to select everything else, and export to DXF using the "Selected only" option.