ripping/printing wierdness from corel x4 to roland versaworks

hi everybody. i have an issue that is stumping me!!

i work in corel x4 and export powercliped artwork for printing on our roland xp300v using versaworks

I will do my layouts in corel to save material, then export all this as a eps file (as rgb or cmyk, depending on the type of file) and open and print in versaworks. this works wonderfully. Most of the time. Then sometimes i powerclip a jpg and do my layouts for instance 3 of the same thing copy and pasted to fit into the required width... then ONE of these will print in another colour!

i don't get it! its the same file as all the others, it cannot be the only one with another colour profile. its ONE eps file!!

i thought it might be the exporting process or the ripping process, but just now i had the same problem, and deleted the file in roland, and re-exported the whole thing from corel and re-ripped and to make the changes complete i flipped the file so the bottom is at the top.

and it did exactly the bloody same thing! the same logo, at the bottom in stead of the top printed differently

somebody have ANY idea what the heck is going on?