CD 2019: Object Manager Print Icon TOO TINY

Hello All,

I finally moved from CD X4 to 2019.  Wow!  A lot has moved around, layouts are a bit different.  Different, but functional.

However, I noticed in the Objects layout that the Print icon is just too small.  Very difficult to dtermine between print and no print.  The little line is just not dark enough.  What ever happened to the circle with line through it?

Is there a way to increase the icon sizes?

Thanks for any help.

  • Is there a way to increase the icon sizes?

    Under Customization>Appearance, there is a setting for "Size".

    If you increase that setting, then the icons will be larger. However, that setting affects a LOT of things in the CorelDRAW UI, and you might not like the overall effect.

  • Or change the icons?

    I think it can be done by replacing that icon in the .DLL file where it is stored.

    I'm sure that is not officially supported or recommended by Corel!

    I know that those are fairly small icons, but one difference in 2019 is that the "printable" state doesn't display any icon for the layer in the Objects docker. It only displays an icon if the layer is non-printable. So, unless you are actively hovering the mouse pointer, you can identify the state by the presence/absence of an icon.

    I understand that's a change from older versions, and that it could take some time to get accustomed to it.