Problem with uninstalling Corel Draw Graphics Suite X5

Hello everyone,

I have Corel Draw Graphics Suite X5 for like 2 weeks already (installed on my pc since then), and yesterday got Corel Designer X5. I wanted to install Corel Designer only, but I was unable to do so. It kept informing me that:

"A newer version of this application is already installed on this computer. If you wish to install this version, please uninstall the newer version first."

And so I did. I thought that I will remove Corel Draw Graphics Suite X5 first, then install Corel Designer X5 only (Corel Draw is in my native language - Designer not), and then whole Corel Draw GS X5. Took quite some time (there was a guide on how about how to remove Corel files from registry etc.), but I had no doubt that then I will finally install Corel Designer. I was wrong. Same information kept appearing. And so I ended up having not a single Corel program on my pc. Any ideas?

I'm using Windows 7, 64-bit version.

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