Because I'm still getting that email?


I have been receiving this mail periodically. Since I sent the design to the contest. I do not know why?

Thank you for submitting your design to the CorelDRAW World Design Contest!
Your design COREL DRAW IS EASIER, SMARTER, AND FASTER WAY.cdr has been received for the category - CorelDRAW Marketing Campaign.

Just brings me sad memories, for this failure my designs were not received in Corel Contest 2011.

Request from Corel:

Hi Jesus,

It seems, unfortunately, that the files never made it into our system from I am unsure why, but some sort of technical difficulty must have prevented them from uploading.

I made the request to be able to forward the designs again, but there was no reply.

I sent the files before the deadline.

Because I'm still getting that email?

This camera was my main goal. (one of the prizes to win)