Sick of X5 corupt files and out of memory crashing

From time to time when saving a file the file gets corrupted. When trying to open the file, only a blank page is visible. Trying to open the file as zip says "error in packed file..." This happens several times a day (we are 5 users and this happens to everyone).

The out of memory issue is also a huge problem for us. This happens several times a day, often during printing.

I have tried all suggestions I have found in the forum to no help. Even complete reinstall doesn't help.

We are pretty close to abandon Corel for good - we loose a lot of money on these issues every day.

Are Corel taking these issues seriously or don't you care about professional users which are dependent on reliable tools?

3 users at Win7-64, 2 at XP-32. All computers are top notch with all patches/updates installed.