Automatic Page Fit To Any Imge Size OR Vice Varsa

My current photo editing software (Microsoft PhotoDRaw) has the ability to do this and wondering if I can achieve the same in CorelDraw X5 or PhotoPaint Pro X3.  I just reinstalled both and need to start using them since PhotoDraw only work up till Windows XP and I use Virtual Machine to run it.

Here you go.  If say I open a new project to any page size of my choice and import any image (any size) into the page.   Is there a way I can automatically fit the page to the image size in either CorelDraw X5or PhotoPaint X3?  That is, if my default page size is letter (8.5"x11") and I import an image that is 2.2"x5", can I automatically fit the default page to the fit the image at 2.2"x5"?  Really very handy too.  Can I also do the reverse image to paper size?  If I can do either, where do I go?