svg files for cricut users

I have been designing digital download svg files for cricut users. The files look like blobs when they try to import them. Is it something I am doing wrong? I am using coreldrawX4 to create these svg files. is there a setting that makes them more like wire frames. I always thought svg files were sort of like png files and were basically a digital picture of a file. Any help would be appreciated.

John LaFevers

  • John-
    SVG files are vector based files, so when they are imported into the Cricut Design software, they are treated as objects rather than images. In fact, it usually will break the different colors out onto separate layers. I have only used it with CorelDrawX5 & X7, so it could be a X4 issue, or a setting in the SVG export dialogue pop-up window. Good Luck!
  • No. PNG are raster, SVG are vector.

    Poking around the web I found: "The only Cricut machine that is capable of using .svg files is the Cricut Explore. To import .svg files, you must use Cricut Design Space."

    There seem to be several versions of software sent with the Cricut:
    Cricut Design Space
    Cricut Basics
    Cricut Craft Room
    Cricut Sync
    Cricut DesignStudio

    Probably if they have anything but the Design Space, your out of luck. Also, while SVG files are vector in nature, if you have designed or added raster elements into your SVG file, its going to fail. For example, it is possible to import a photo and save it as svg. The photo is completely raster. The file will embed the raster image inside the SVG, but will have not vector components. You could have also added an effect that will basically turn the file from vector to raster, like gradients or drop shadow or a host of others.

    Cutting machines need vector components as that are paths for the cutting blade to follow. Raster images have no paths for the blade to follow.

    It is strange their software is cloud based, but I guess they view that as a route to profit.