Detected invalid serial Number

I have been using X5 for many years. All of a sudden I am getting a pop up saying an invalid Serial Number has been detected and the program will go into view only mode.

This is my businesses main program and Corel Support have not been at all helpful. They just want us to upgrade. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have the original DVD and Serial Number. Any help would be appreciated


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  • Same story here, support is trying to tell me that this was illegal purchase (box version, not opened before purchase). The option for me to fix it (at least for now) was to block corel.exe on firewall and delete the content of Messages folder from %appdata%\Corel and after clearing it out taking away the write access to the folder (so the damn message wont show again)

    Support is still silent about my problem, only trying to force me to the upgraded version.

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