Why CorelDRAW still haven't tool for showing excess of TIL?

Why CorelDRAW still haven't tool for showing excess of TIL, like in InDesign?

p.s. and still no life separation preview in document  :(

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  • This thread started in 2011 so today in end march 2022 knowing how Colour Management engine was being completely changed and rewritten from the grund up, with outside help of David Millisock who also wrote in this thread 11 years ago when I write this, its like memory lane. 

    I Beta tested CorelDRAW with start of version X4. And a HUGE thing to me was that increadible work I knew was going on in the background for X5. It was a huge undertaking. In version X6 I believe we got so many new cool and prefssional colour oriented tools and features, like Color Styles Docker in CorelDRAW.

    I was really happy with the new color management that cvame with X5/X6. Ever since I started using CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint back in 1997/98 I was alwaysed mocked oddly by printers and Art Directors at Advertisizing agencys for the bad color output with CorelDRAW - prior to X5/X6.

    My biggest wish was always that CorelDRAW would do something with the colour engine - among many things.

    And today, since X5/X6 CorelDARW and PP has document based colour management. And not Application based as it says and was back then 11 years ago.

    Time fly. Its now 11 years since. Wow!

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