X5 dissappointment

I have used CD since ver.3 and 10 is my latest. I upgrade to win7 and thought that since I have a new operating system with all the bells and whistles I should go with a new X5 as well. I downloaded the trial, used it for 30 days and was not impressed. After that many new releases you would think I would be overwhelmed and elated to say the least. Slow, same contour problems, slow, crashes and did I mention slow? Not that many changes. Importing Illustrator files is usually followed by a crash or just nothing happens.

This program is (was?) the best vector program ever! Why would they not add to it and fix things. I am not a fan of Illustrator but Photoshop I am. That program works. Fine tune it then add some wow! Maybe there tired and bored with it and don't need it any more. Sad. I wish it was more of what I expected. Old version 10 stays on the computer until they step it up or windows won't let it run.



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