Links and Bookmarks Glitch

I am using CorelDraw X5 to create a PDF that uses bookmarks and links to navigate.

Is the bookmarks and links funtion of CorelDraw just unusable or is it just me??

Problem 1: I spent ages creating a range of bookmarks all over the document and then when I save and reopen, all the book marks are gone. This I found can be solved by closing and reopening the file. However it seems stupid to have to open the file twice every time...

Problem 2: --The worst problem -- I carefully create all the links to my bookmarks, save the file, then publish the pdf. I find the resulting PDF has its links all jumbled up and not going to the right places! I check my CorelDraw file (twice) and somehow the links have all messed themselves up and are now pointing the wrong bookmarks!

Help! I don't want to go fixing all my links just to have them get jumbled again...

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  • I havent specifically had this issue but I did notice a few other problems depending on the type of PDF I publish. Notice there are like 8 different types. When you select PUBLISH TO PDF notice under the file type there is a drop down menu with type of PDF. When I used WEB for example some stuff came out looking cleaner than when I used PREPRESS. Also note that when you use ARCHIVING you will get a HUGE document that is far from Portable as defined in the PDF(Portable Document File) name.

    Im going to experiment with creating a marketing packet for my business and use Bookmarks and Links. If I discover any thing new with this over the next few weeks Ill stop back by this thread.

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