Printing halftones with Postscript Printer

I have a new HP Laserjet M712 B&W printer to replace my aging HP5000 printer.  I'm using X3 & X5 and have installed the HP Universal Postscript driver.  The printer is Postscript 3 emulation capable.  I have all the settings in the print dialog of Corel the same as the settings from my HP5000 printer, but the new printer fails to print halftones or "dots".  The halftone areas are still printing as a solid although I have my screen frequency at 45lpi.  Does anyone know if this is a Corel issue or is it a Windows 7 problem, or some kind of user error.  Thanks.

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  • I've got a similar issue. I just had to replace my LaserJet 5100 with the LaserJet 700 M712. However, I am running Corel on my Windows partition on my Mac. My HD crashed and then within days, my 5100 died. Now I had to reinstall everything, so upgraded to Windows 10 (from Windows 8) and CorelDraw 2021 (from CorelDraw 17). I installed the printer on the Mac side first. Did not seem to be a PS driver (HP says it's a generic driver on the Mac side). This printer then shows up on my Windows side as a shared printer. Using this shared printer, I am able to print the halftone dots, adjust the line screen and adjust the angle in the advanced button. HOWEVER....I cannot choose a "paper" size of Tabloid or Statement. I get letter, legal and a myriad of A0-A6 sizes and envelopes. HP says it is a third party software issue (Corel) but I am pretty sure it's a driver issue. HP has me install the PS driver on the Windows side. I can change paper sizes to include Tabloid and Statement, and am able to change the line screen and access the advanced options for angles, but the printer does ignores those settings. So no halftone dots, and page size does not match. I have a call in to Corel Tech Support. They said they would respond via email. Anyone else out there with this issue and a work around? Thanks!

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