working smooth with curves converted from text.

I get Corel files from clients with text converted into curves. working with a lot of curves is very difficult in coreldraw. 
anybody have any solution for it that
corel highlight all curves step by step many time and i am waiting to run next.....

please solve, if possible.....

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  • I've only done it a couple of times, in desperate situations:

    1. convert the curved text to a hi-resolution bitmap
    2. run an OCR trace on it, converting back to live text. Since your bitmap was good quality, OCR trace should be very accurate
    3. maked curved text a grey color, lock it in place
    4. paste in ocr result text over top, change that text color if you need - to compare against grey curves underneath
    5. adjust font size, spacing, everything to match grey curves position
    6. unlock grey curves, delete them
    7. proof art carefully
    8. make customer proof art again
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