X6 Power Clip Issue

1. Before power clip the box is;


2. When Some thing is in power clip it becomes;


3. after some editing when i delete all objects in power clip it looks like having cross in box instead of a clear box.


All i want some default option in corel, so that if powerclip contents are removed then it should be an object or empty frame by default instead of powerclip crossed lines frame, for every time i mess up to clear contents.




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  • Hi All,

    I had the same problem today, the Powerclip has a "X" Cross in the middle, so while looking here to find an answer, that I couldn't find, I thought of one that works . . . \o/.

    Answer:- (I assume you have removed the image and can see an "X" in the centre of the Powerclip)

    1. Drawn another object e.g. a Rectangle - (from here on if I say rectangle I am refering to this one you just created).

    (If you want to retain the powerclips outline pens, width, colour and/or fill use:- Edit > Copy Properties From... and copy to the Rectangle from the power clip after removing the image).

    2. Select the PowerClip then press Shift and click the rectangle to ensure it is selected Last (Avoid "Marque" selecting). So you have both objects selected. (NOTE if you select them the wrong way round you will get 2x Powerclip objects ! ! LOL -> Edit Undo . . .).

    3. Then press [Ctrl] + [L] to combine the objects then, with them still selected press [Ctrl] + [K] to separate the objects.

    4. You should now have your "Object" without the "X" . . . Winner :-)

    5. If required you can now delete the Rectangle you created to do this.

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