Using Custom Spray Can Shapes from Paint in DRAW Artistic Media?

Is there a way to use some of the pre-loaded brushes from Paint in Draw?

My list of  pre-loaded brushes in DRAW is much shorter than the list in Paint. I'm specifically hoping to be able to use this brush in my Artistic Media in DRAW. Or do I need to create a new brush in DRAW? I would prefer not to have to work in Paint at all.

I just need a spray can that just sprays dots in DRAW (instead of the clipart type images that are part of the default). Any help that can be provided would be much appreciated. 




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  • I don't know exactly what you're after, hopefully you can modify my steps to fit your needs.

    1. In Draw, create circle.  Duplicate it many times, and arrange into some type of dot pattern.  When you're satisfied with the pattern, you can combine it (this isn't required, but may make the brush render faster).

    2. Deselect the objects.  Switch to the artistic media, and choose the sprayer (looks like a spray can in the property bar).

    3. Select "New Spraylist" in the sprayer dropdown

    4. Select your shape.  Click the "Add to spray list" button in the property bar.


    Now you have a new sprayer!

    You may want to play with the settings afterwards.  For example, I set the rotation increment to 130 degrees to make the pattern look less regular.


    That's a pretty cool looking spray.