Access Color Sample Tool from Macro/Visual Basic?

Is it possible yet to do this? I'd like to pick several points on the screen and get the color from each spot separately.

  • Hi Mike.

    After declaring your object reference for a color, and setting it, you can use UserAssign

    Like this:

    Dim col as New Color


    Other than that we haven't got the cool eyedropper feature for vba yet, even though we've asked a million times. You'll have to do it directly using WinAPI.


  • Hi ,
    This thread is from years ago, and i hope you are still active on the forum.

    So the release of the eyedropper is here.... and i was wondering if you ever gave this a go again?

    " b = ActiveDocument.GetUserClick(x, y, Shift, 10, False, cdrCursorEyeDrop)"

    I am racking my brand with this....

    I have managed to pull the CMYK values from a filled object; and then i can create a textbox next to this with the given CMYK from the "userclick" x, y co-ordinates but I cannot figure out how to sample directly from a bitmap / image.

    If you have some insight on this it would be great it you could share!