.eps (ps) importing issue.


I know this has been covered before but it still seems to be a problem.

I use a number of image sites - for vector files. These are normally in the eps (ps) format. When using X5 they import with out a problem but with X6 they corrupt on import and I get part vestor with bmps inbedded making it useless if I need to make them bigger.... I produce images of sizes to 2m x 3m and bigger.

Not all eps file have this issue.

I am at the moment using an old copy of X5 to do the import then save as CDR then open in X6. This works by why is X6 worse then X5.

I have placed an eps file in a public dropbox that has this issue with X6 import. Just click on the link to get the file.


Any updates would be great - and save me time.