Creating a Template for Vinyl Printer

Hello Corel Community,

I'm currently running CorelDRAW x6 for my t-shirt business and printing custom names/sayings with an Expert 24 printer. I would like to create a series of templates that decreases customizing time.


An Adult T-Shirt requires a Object Ratio of 10" W X 3" L.

If Robinson is saved at 10X3 how do I edit the text to Smith and maintain the same Object Ratio?

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  • Before setting up your labels, I recommend making a blank template test print to ensure your printer does not scal printouts. In each of the corners, the prototype has 4 black boxes. When written, those black boxes should measure .25 "x.25" and should go to the edges of the paper. If the black boxes are cut off, it is OK, but if the printout changes form, it is not OK. The test print can also be checked by holding it up to the light behind the sheet of labels. You'll be able to see each of the labels cut line. Trying to export the PDF as an image file and then printing using a borderless printer setting is one way to help with scaling.

    I often print from my printer using the Android app and this is how I can avoid having the PDF scaled to fit using The Windows print dialog for PDF printing for the same printer has an option to prevent scaling that the Android app does not.

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