Insert Symbol in COREL DRAW VBA

Greetings, I'm trying to make a simple line of code that inserts a symbol I created and then moves it. Below is what I have and it seems to not like the syntax I'm using. Can someone tell me why it doesn't like my code or how I can get it to read it. I would be forever thankful!

'The standard code to insert a symbol should be:
'ActiveLayer.CreateSymbol(X, Y, "SYMBOL NAME", LIBRARY)

Sub Macro()
    ActiveLayer.CreateSymbol(X:=1, Y:=1, SYMBOL1, SYM_LIB.CSL)
    ActiveDocument.ReferencePoint = cdrCenter
    ActiveSelection.SetPosition 1#, 1#
End Sub

  • create a shape and convert it to symbol. Remove it from CorelDraw's desktop. Then open the Symbol Manager and name your symbol to "MySymbol". After that you can execute the following code:

    Sub MyMacro

    Dim s As Shape

        Set s = ActiveLayer.CreateSymbol(2, 2, "MySymbol")

    End Sub

    There is no need to select and move shape, you can immediately set the desired coordinates