Importing the newest .XLSX files into CorelDraw 2017

Been using CorelDraw since Win 3.1 and X3. Having a problem

with importing the NEW .xlsx Excel files into CorelDraw 2017.

When I try and copy from excel then paste to Corel it just bogs

down and nothing happens. (BTW it will be a multiple page excel file)

How and be very precise can I import an .xlsx excel file into

CorelDraw 2017. I have tried the suggestions on this site

and nothing seems to work.

Thank you very much


  • I'm a bit confused - you refer to CGS2017, but you've posted in the X6 forum.....

    In either case I think there's always an issue with old software when new version file formats come out. No-one will be interested in updating CGS2017. What you will have to do is save your xlsx file in an older format and import that.

    Oh - and it's not just a Corel issue. Word can't read some old .doc files - I have to import them into WordPerfect!!!!