the print destination cannot be activated

I have been using CorelDraw 3 for several years and it has been able to print to my old printer HP B209.

I am using Windows 7 32 bit on one computer and Windows 10 32 bit on a second computer.  The program will not run in Windows 64 bit.

Since installing my new HP Officejet 6956 printer I get the following message when I try to print.  "Print destination cannot be activated. Printing is cancelled."  The printer box comes up and i can change paper size, orientation, and all the other settings, so the program recognizes the printer, but it will not print.

I can print from all my other programs eg. Word, Excel, Photoshop etc, without any problems.

I am thinking that because the problem is only with CorelDraw the program is so old that the printer does not recognize the output.  Any help would be appreciated.