CorelDraw Macro: Iterate through selected shapes and put them on different page

Hi all,

I am trying to write a macro which helps me put selected images on different pages.
it is a photo album. Lets say if I have 10 photos. I want to put them in powerclip and then put each image in different pages. 
I am able to put all the selected images in powerclip. I select all the images I want to put in a powerclip and then run below macro

Sub createMultiplePowerClips()

Dim sr As ShapeRange
Dim s As Shape

Set sr = ActiveSelectionRange

For Each s In sr.Shapes

Dim x As Double, y As Double

s.GetSize x, y

Dim s1 As Shape
Set s1 = ActiveLayer.CreateRectangle(0, 0, x, y)

s.AddToPowerClip s1, cdrTrue

next s

end sub

Now I want them to move to next pages (one page per image). I have set of background ready, so help me with the following cases.

  1. I import 50 images, I run the macro and creates 50 new pages with one image each. Then I manually put backgrounds in each page (this looks painful, probably not this way)
  2.  In my current document, I have 50 pages with background. I import 50 images. When I run the macro, all above created images should go to single single page.

Please help me with this macro. This will save my a lot of time by reducing repetitive work. 

Thank you