Contour Macro to the inside?

Hello, I'm trying to make a Macro that contours to the inside by 0.01" retaining the original shape color and deleting the original shape. So far I have a code that does exactly what I'm looking for but it contours outside. I need it to contour inside.

Sub TrapV2()

Dim sOriginal As Shape

Dim sr_from_contour As ShapeRange
Dim e As Effect

Set sOriginal = ActiveShape

Set e = sOriginal.CreateContour(, ConvertUnits(0.01, cdrInch, ActiveDocument.Unit), , , , sOriginal.Fill.UniformColor.GetCopy)
Set sr_from_contour = e.Separate
sr_from_contour(1).Name = "Shape from Contour"
End Sub

I do not know how to write code, I only got this through Frankenstein-ing pieces of other peoples' discussions together. I just can't figure out how to contour inside.

This is something that I have to do all the time. The process can get pretty tedious after a while.

If anyone knows what I should do, I would really appreciate it.