VBA - Macro - Sample CMYK Color from a bitmap image with "GetUserClick" & "cdrCursorEyeDrop" - HELP!

Good afternoon dear community, 

I was wondering if there is a genius out there prepared to assist me or lead me in the right direction?

So i need to sample 4 or 5 colors per digital proof that is sent out to customers.

I need to sample the color from the X,Y coordinates of the "GetUserClick", then automatically create an "artistictext" layer which is placed to the right of the "getUserClick" to location "x140+5" and the CMYK value from the "getuserclick" location should then be pasted into this artistictext layer.

I have managed to do this from an object that is filled with a solid color; however cannot seem to figure out how to do this with a bitmap? - is it possible?

Any assistance in this regard would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,