set dimension tool precision

I have set Dimension Tool Precision to 0 (as in, no decimal points) but when I create, say, a rectangle dimensions still come out with 1, 2 or 3 decimal points. This happens to new as well as existing drawings. Is Dimension Tool the way I control this or is it something else?   Thanks    

  • When new objects are created in a document, some of their properties are controlled by Default Object Properties, which are styles stored in that document.

    See my comments in these threads:

    Default Dimensions

    Undo permanent change to rectangle

    Those examples show Outline and Character for graphic objects, but properties for Dimensions work similarly.

    Because a Dimension has so many properties (Outline properties, Fill properties, Character properties, and Dimension properties), I find it easier to manage them using Style Sets. Those can be exported and imported, so it's something I can work out in detail once, then reuse in other documents in the future.

    I have never personally used X6, but what I described works in X7; there may be differences of which I'm not aware.